2024 Lorax Frameset
2024 Lorax Frameset
2024 Lorax Frameset

2024 Lorax Frameset

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WOLF TOOTH UPGRADE: Matching Headset and Seat Collar



A - Effective TT Length





B - Reach





C - Wheelbase





D - CS Length

F - Effective ST Angle





G - ST Length





H - HT Angle





I - HT Length





K - Fork Length





BB Drop










Rider Height



Max Seatpost Insertion




Geometry based on 495mm rigid fork, which is roughly equal to a 120mm suspension fork at 30% fork sag. To see a complete Esker size guide go to the Esker FAQ >> Size Guide 

For more information about chainstay length and our Portage Dropout System go to Esker FAQ >> Portage Dropouts


Frame Specs

Frame Material

Seamless, Tapered, Quadruple butted, heat treated 4130 DOM cromoly


2,855 grams for Medium, or 6.29lbs - Weight includes dropouts, axle, seat collar, and cable guides

Frame Includes

Wolf Tooth Lithic Carbon Mountain Fork (color matched // 770g w/flat mount insert), Wolf Tooth seatpost collar, rear axle,

Adjustable UDH Portage Dropout, cable guides and bolts

Headtube Diameter

44mm ID, 50mm OD

Rear Dropout Spacing


BB Type

Threaded 73mm English

Headset Lower Stack Height


Tire Size

Designed around 29x2.2" Accomodates up to 29x2.6" depending on tire and rim choice.


34.9 clamp, 31.6 post, internally routed

Thru Axle

Boost 148 / 180mm / M12x1.0

Max Chainring

38t round / 36t oval / Boost Chainline

Brake Mount

Flat Mount, 160mm rotor native OR Post Mount, 180mm rotor native

Lorax FAQ


  • Q - What size frame should I buy?
    • See the table below for a complete Esker Cycles model line-up size guide
  • NOTE: Many folks can fit more than a single frame size. If you find yourself at a height in which you can fit 2 different frame sizes, ask yourself what your riding style is like and where/how you intend to use the bike. A larger frame will feel more stable at high speeds, but not as maneuverable in tighter and more technical situations on the trail. Inversely, a smaller frame will be less stable at speeds, but allow you to pick up and place your wheels in technical sections of trail much easier.
  • Q - Didn’t Esker make a Lorax before?  
  • We DID! Many of you know that the Lorax has been with us as a company for a long time…even prior to Esker as a brand. In the past, this bike has fit into the ‘Gravel Road’ category with a more traditional drop-bar geometry and use case. While the new Lorax will indeed boast drop-bars like the previous generations we’ve come to know and love, the similarities end there. We took a look at the Lorax and asked ourselves, “What would our ideal drop-bar bike look like?” and “Where do we intend to ride it?”. Those questions inspired visions of touring high alpine forest roads, back roads of the Northwoods, and jumping on secret strips of singletrack while we link together routes in our local communities.The Lorax finds its final form as a ‘Drop-Bar Mountain Bike’ built for touring, exploring, and whatever silly shenanigans you want to put it through. Scroll through the questions below for more information the Lorax.  

Q - What wheel sizes can I use on the Lorax?

  • The Lorax was designed and optimized for 29" wheels with 2.2” tires (up to a 2.6" width).

Q - Can I use a suspension fork on the Lorax?

  • You can! The Lorax is designed around 120mm suspension forks (30% sag with an axle to crown height of ~495mm, or a rigid fork with an a-c height of 495mm).

  • NOTE: Fork offsets have been a topic of discussion for quite some time in the mountain bike community. There are pros and cons to both short and long offset options. While we may have originally designed our frames around either a short or long offset fork, we've spent a lot of time experimenting and riding both options and are quite happy with the results of either short offset forks, or long offset forks. Much of it comes down to personal preference, your own riding style, and what type of trails/terrain you're riding on. Feel like experimenting with an offset that your Esker wasn't originally designed around? Have at it! Bikes are supposed to be fun and unique expressions of the individual riding them...don't sweat the details too much.

Q - Can I use a front derailleur on the Lorax?  

  • Technically, yes, we designed the Lorax to clear the space a front derailleur occupies and clearance for compact double cranks, but unfortunately there is no 'out-of-the-box' option that works with the Lorax's chainline and tire clearances. The Lorax is designed with 1X drivetrains as the priority and while there are a handful of 2X options that could technically work, they require deviations from their originally intended design (adapters, odd pull ratios, etc). If you would like to expiriment with those setups, feel free, but make sure you've got a lot of patience and know a great mechanic. Have fun!

Q - Whats the maximum Chainring Size I can use on the Lorax?  

  • A 38 tooth maximum chainring clearance is what the Lorax was designed for.

Q - Can I build the Lorax with a Flatbar?  

  • Sure thing! If your fit or intended use of the bike requires a very short reach and taller stack, a Flatbar Lorax could be an amazing option. We could even ship the Lorax with a standard post-mount dropout to make things easier for your build. Just shoot us an email at info@eskercycles.com and we’d be happy to work with you on it.

Q - What length dropper comes with a complete build?

  • SM/MD/LG/XL = 125mm PNW Loam dropper that can be adjusted down to 100mm of travel.

    • For more information on the adjustability of the PNW Loam dropper, click HERE.

Q - How many water bottles will the Lorax carry?

  • SM = 1 bottle in the front triangle, 1 bottle under the downtube.

  • MD/LG/XL = 2 bottles in the front triangle, 1 bottle under the down tube.

Q - Can I put a rear rack on the Lorax?

  • Heck yeah! The Lorax has integrated rear rack mounts on the seatstay.

Q - Can I single-speed the Lorax?

  • You betcha! Our Portage Dropout System allows you to adjust the chainstay length by up to 14mm, allowing you to run a single speed setup reliably, quietly, and with ease. However, in its standard configuration, the Lorax utilizes a Flat-Mount Portage dropout that is not adjustable. If you would like the ability to adjust chain tension or play with tire clearance and chainstay length, you will need to utilize our Adjustable UDH Dropouts. These dropouts run a post-mount brake standard and are only available when ordering a frame (not a complete bike). If you would like this option, simply email us at info@eskercycles.com when placing your Lorax frame order and we’ll make sure it ships with the Adjustable UDH Dropouts.  

Q - Can I run an internally geared hub on the Lorax?

  • Technically, yes, but we don't offer any support on figuring out which hubs and support parts may be needed in order to make this happen. Have fun!

Q - What is the ‘Bolt Setback’ of the top-tube mounts?

  • The Lorax uses a 124mm setback for the top-tube mounts. This allows for more room while using multiple cockpit bags (TT, Feedbags, etc), as well as helping to eliminate stem/steering interference. All of our bag manufacturing partners offer this setback option along with various mass-production options from other brands.  

Q - How does the Portage Dropout System work?

  • The Portage Dropout System attaches to our hardtail frames and allows you to adjust chainstay length (for ride characteristics or tire width clearances) and chain tension (for single speed application).

  • NOTE: The Lorax utilizes a Flat-Mount Portage dropout that is compatible with most modern drop-bar hydraulic brake options and is not adjustable. If you would like the ability to adjust chain tension or play with tire clearance and chainstay length, you will need to utilize our Adjustable UDH Dropouts. These dropouts run a post-mount brake standard and are only available when ordering a frame (not a complete bike). If you would like this option, simply email us at info@eskercycles.com when placing your Lorax frame order and we’ll make sure it ships with the Adjustable UDH Dropouts.  

Q - How long does it take to get my bike/frame once I order it?

  • That depends. If it's a bike/frame that you're placing a Pre Order for, the item will have an ETA window associated with it once you select it on the product page. If it's a bike/frame that we have in stock, we will email you the shipping eta once the order is placed - that can vary from 2-6 weeks depending on how many orders are in front of yours.

  • NOTE: If you want to speed up the delivery of your frame/fork, order it through one of our Retail Partners. They receive priority shipping when orders are placed through them.

Q - How much assembly do I need to do if I order a bike directly through the webstore?

  • Not much at all. Our complete bikes arrive 90% pre-assembled. For more information and assembly instructions, head on over to our Tech Documents page and click the 'New Bike Assembly Instructions' link.

  • If you would prefer having your bike assembled through your local Esker Retailer, please order your bike directly through them. They'll help you figure out your size, work with you on spec/upgrade options, and get your bike built for you exactly how you want it.

Q - Do you do custom builds?

  • We do not. We offer a limited menu of upgrade options for all of our bikes, but we do not do custom builds.

  • If you'd like to have a custom Esker built up, please reach out to one of our Retail Partners and they'll work with you on getting you exactly what you want!

Q - What kind of Steel do you use?

  • Our steel frames utilize an in-house designed proprietary 4130 chromoly tubeset. This custom drawn, externally tapered, seamless tubeset is quadruple butted to ensure the best combination of weight savings, torsional rigidity, and overall strenght. We heat treat all of our steel frames and finish them off with an electrophoretic deposition (ED) coating inside and out prior to paint. This ED coating helps to protect the frame from rust and corrosion (no frame saver needed!)

Q - What kind of Titanium do you use?

  • We build our titanium frames from seamless, double-butted 3/2.5 titanium. This tubeset provides an incredible balance of weight and strength that we find to be paramount for those big backcountry missions and covering the countless miles of abuse we've seen on our frames. We engineer this tubing specifically for this application and value Titanium's longevity both in fatigue, abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Q - What does your warranty look like?

  • Esker 1,000,000 Mile Warranty: Yup, you read that right, we'll cover any defects in material, craftsmanship, or design up to 1,000,000 miles. If you hit 1,000,001 miles...you're on your own, and CONGRATULATIONS :)

    • Esker Cycles will repair or replace, at its option, any frame that it determines to be defective due to defects in the original materials and/or manufacturing. This limited warranty does not apply to wear and tear, prior claimed defects, or any failures or malfunctions that result from abuse, neglect, misuse, alteration, crash, collision, or any improper assembly or maintenance. This warranty is in effect for the life of the product, applies only to the original owner, and is non-transferable. By REGISTERING your bike with Esker Cycles as the original owner of the product, we guarantee service in regards to any and all warranty related issues. You will be required to present proof of purchase for any warranty claim. This warranty does not cover shipping or logistics to and from Esker Cycles.

  • No Fault Replacement

    • Esker Cycles will make replacement frames or parts available at a minimum charge in the event of a crash or other non-warranty situation for the life of the frame. Esker Cycles does this at its sole discretion. You will be responsible for all shipping costs to and from Esker Cycles.

  • Click HERE to Submit a Warranty Claim.

Q - Can I order one of your frames/bikes through a local bike shop?

  • Absolutely. That would be the best way to order one of our frames/bikes! Working with your local bike shop allows you to get great insight on which model is right for you, which size may work best for your intended use, and ensure that your bike gets built up and fit to your exact specifications. Jump on over to our Dealer Locator to see a full map of our retail partners and find the one closest to you.

Q - Can I demo a bike before I buy it?

  • We do our best to travel around throughout the year and often partner with regional mountain bike festivals or local retail partners to host demos. For the most up to date opportunities, check our Dealer Locator.  You can also see a full map of our retail partners - reach out to them if you're nearby and ask them what they may have available for you to demo locally.

Q - I want to buy a frame bag before my bike/frame arrives, can you provide the frame bag dimensions for the Lorax?

  • We don't recommend buying a frame bag until you have your frame/bike on hand. That is the absolute best way to ensure you get the right size and shape for your bike.

  • If you're looking to make a custom bag(s) for your Lorax, we've partnered with some incredible custom frame bag makers that all have our frame dimensions and files on hand. Please reach out to one of the following frame bag makers to get the exact bags made for your bike that you want!

Built for the Back Country
We here at Esker enjoy long rides into the wild spaces and are proud to say our bikes are truly Built for the Backcountry. That means they are designed and built on three tenets:


We build our steel hardtails from 4130 Chromoly for the utmost in durability. Our proprietary quad-butted, seamless tubeset provides a greater strength to weight ratio than other 4130 frames on the market by engineering it specifically for its application while the complete Electrophoretic Deposition (ED) coating of the frame resists corrosion inside and out for an extremely long and worry free life.


Esker is known for designing well refined, stable handling, and neutral geometry bikes so that you always feel like you are at home, as the bike seems to disappear underneath you from mile 2 to mile 92 and beyond. The newest Hayduke generation brings even further refinement with size-specific headtubes and slightly taller seatubes, to dial in your fit even further.

Ride Quality

Steel is real - but engineered steel is more real. By engineering a frameset that utilizes a proprietary custom drawn externally tapered, seamless, quadruple butted, heat treated 4130 Chromoly DOM tubeset that is specific to each frame size, we can build a frame that is strong and durable with a fully tuned ride quality, giving it more compliance and lower weight than steel frames using stock tubing while also increasing torsional rigidity and strength.