UDH Fixed Position Complete Kit

UDH Fixed Position Complete Kit

UDH Fixed Position Complete Kit - Our new dropout inserts that work with SRAM UDH and SRAM Eagle Transmission.  Comes with Left and Right plates, and 180mm axle.  Must purchase SRAM UDH Hanger separately if needed.  These have a single chainstay length position, which is the "middle" position of the original sliders.  This means that if our geometry chart posted a chainstay length of 430mm for a frame, that was measured in the middle, so your chainstay length would be 430mm with this set.  Non-Drive Side plates with the UDH Dropout Set are 180mm Post Mount native.   

This set includes Left Plate, Right Plate, and SRAM 180mm Axle.  

Required Additional Parts -

For use with SRAM Transmission  - Hardware Kit 

For use with Standard Derailleurs - Hardware Kit and SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger