Our brand and our founders have a history of advocating for the cycling community, and we plan to continue with this heritage. To serve this mission, Esker Cycles is partnering with select mountain bike organizations and individuals on an ongoing basis to raise funds and provide product that will help benefit and grow the sport of mountain biking for everyone. See below to check out our current programs and offerings.


Mountain biking as a sport requires two major things—the bikes to ride and the open spaces and trails to ride them on. As a company, our goal is to get more people outside riding mountain bikes, so we need to do more than just make bikes—we need to support those that give us a place to ride. All funds support Montana mountain bike organizations working to build trails and create better mountain biking access for everyone.


Check back for more opportunities to help Esker grow and support the sport of mountain biking. As the Esker brand continues to grow, so to will our scope of giving, feel free to reach out for suggestions on how we can do more, or to help us arrange a mountain biking advocacy initiative