Esker Rider Program


Esker is currently seeking individuals just like us with a passion for cycling to help spread the word about our brand. We look forward to associating with and supporting passionate riders—everyone from expedition length athletes to advocates and educators. We want you to ride our bikes and tell your story. Most importantly, we want you to connect with other riders—share your experiences with our bikes and help others learn about Esker. In simpler terms, our riders will act as our voice, as well as our eyes and ears out on the trail. We invite you to join us.


About us


Esker is a fusion of the rider owned dedication of passionate mountain bikers, the cumulative experience of industry veterans, and the desire to challenge traditional methods in order to make the best product possible available to anyone and everyone that wants to get out and ride.

Esker is more than just a bike company. We are a group of riders and like-minded individuals that aim to think differently and encourage a broader, more inclusive cycling community. We exist to influence the future of cycling in a positive manner—not just in the bikes that we ride, but in the way that we think about our sport and our community. We intend to inspire and encourage anyone with the desire to climb onto a bike and enjoy the ride.


Who You are


Esker is looking for qualified riders to align with our brand. As an Esker rider, we will get you onto our bikes so that you can head out into the field and do what you do best. The ideal rider is someone that is passionate about cycling, an experienced rider, influential within the industry, and knowledgeable about cycling products. That said, we are looking to bring awareness to all types of riders and will be considering proposals of all types. We encourage all varieties of riders to apply, but some examples of ideal Esker Riders are:

  • Content Creator: Your are a writer, artist, videographer, or photographer. You are a cyclist that creates content related to your sport.
  • Expedition/touring/bikepacking rider: You have an inspiring trip planned and need a trusty rig for your next adventure.
  • Advocate: You work with a local/regional/national cycling advocacy organization and aim to make a difference in the cycling community.
  • Local Ripper: You ride a lot. People look up to you and you are a positive force in your local riding community.
  • Power Couple: Your significant other and yourself are passionate riders. Together, you get out often—putting many miles in on the saddle.
  • Competitor: Whether it’s enduro, or the Tour Divide—you compete with other riders and need dependable gear to get to the finish line.
  • Industry influencer: You are someone that people look to for riding content, product advice, or inspiration.
  • Coach/Educator/Guide: You run clinics, teach riders, or lead cycling trips.




Esker riders are encouraged to share their riding experience in person, on social media, and on the Esker website. In addition to educating riders face to face, we are looking for quality, user generated content to help spread the word about our new brand.

  • Regular social media content related to Esker
  • Seasonal story/photo content for Esker Journal
  • Regularly share and engage with Esker campaigns and content on social media
  • Availability to help generate in house video/photo content
  • Spread the word about our products in person throughout your community of friends and riders wherever you go with your bike

Esker Support

We are interested in supporting your riding endeavors whatever your mission may be. Aside from getting hooked up with freebies and discounts, we are interested in discussing other ways that Esker might be able to help make your dreams come true.

  • Esker product support dependent on rider commitment
  • Assistance with cycling related projects dependent on proposal
  • Take part in Esker events and happenings


Rider Application


To apply, we ask that you put together a few pieces of information to give us a better idea of your candidacy, your cycling background, and your plans for being an Esker rider. Please fill out and submit the following form and we will contact you regarding your candidacy for the program.


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