Esker Employees

Tim - CEO

I show up at Esker every day because bikes improve people’s lives. Whenever we hear from someone who describes their “best ride ever” aboard an Esker–that’s what its all about for us. I make sure this value is reflected in all parts of Esker–from product that will always finish the ride it starts—to getting people excited to ride with us at demo events–we simply want all the riders in our family to have their best ride ever.

CEDAR - stoke

I am the chaperone for the Esker Cycles demo fleet. It’s my job to make sure the bikes make it to the party on time and are prepped for a solid weekend of shredding. Each demo ride is an opportunity to share Esker with the world. As long as I get the rider set up properly, they are guaranteed a good time.


Two driving forces at Esker keep me engaged: making mountain bikes that deliver on the rider experience and an organization that advocates for the people, trails and bike communities. We face similar challenges of many growing companies: supply chain, process, fulfillment—and unpredictability. I track our operations and fill in gaps that help this amazing team keep growing.

ANDERS - Board Member

I make sure our bikes play nice with other parts and ensure they don’t break or cause problems. My philosophy in what I do is to make sure we are always improving the quality, durability, and functionality of our bikes and accessories. I love riding and testing to vet out new ideas on how to improve our products.

RYAN - Board Member

I get to help show the world everything that we are up to at Esker. My goal is to make the sport of mountain biking more attainable to everyone that we cross paths with. Whether it be through our demo tour, our journal, or our advocacy, my hope is that we can inspire and enable more people to head out for a ride and have a new experience out on the trail.

Ron - board member

Simply put, I get the bikes to the people. One of the unique things we do is build every bike to order, and I take a lot of pride in knowing that if you are riding on a new Esker there is a good chance I had a part in it. Mountain biking can be a lot of things to different people and if you chose an Esker I am privileged to help you start your next adventure.

Esker Riders


Bozeman, MT

Growing up as a skier in the Tetons gave me a huge appreciation for the mountains and a love for going fast down hills. Naturally I picked up the bike during the summers and fell deep in love with it. Currently I’m working on my PhD in Quantum Physics at Montana State University and the bike is my favorite way to escape from that high stress atmosphere and just simply be. It doesn’t matter what my attitude going into a ride is because afterwards it’s nothing but smiles!”


Heather plewes 

Guelph, ON

In late 2016, Heather fell hard for mountain biking in more ways than one. A couple of rides on borrowed bikes and she was hooked. She bought her first mountain bike one month later and bikepacked through Costa Rica with her partner Paulo two months after that. In the years that have followed, mountain biking has completely reshaped Heather's life. She has embraced the culture and community of mountain biking, especially the wonderful friendships and camaraderie of the women's MTB scene. Bikepacking adventures with Paulo have taken her to incredible places around the world and sparked in her a passion for exploring by bike and for sharing her experiences through story-writing.


paulo laberge

Guelph, ON

Paulo’s passion for cycling has taken him to many beautiful and unique places in the world. His bikepacking adventures fulfill lifelong dreams of exploring the world by bike, experiencing diverse cultures and forging friendships in unexpected places. Closer to home, Paulo is a proud member of the local mountain biking community - attending and leading group rides, volunteering for trail-building and maintenance days, and most of all, enjoying time spent pedaling - whether solo or with his partner or friends. Paulo is most at home and at peace when he's out riding his bike. Cycling is not just a sport or hobby for him - it is spiritual; it's part of who he is.


David Tucker 

Bozeman, MT

Bikes allow us to reclaim distance and feel like explorers. They reintroduce adventure and uncertainty into our mostly programmatic lives, creating endless opportunity for newness, even on trails ridden many times before.


Rachel Blank

Fruita, Colorado

Adventures on my bike have given me the most laughter and joy while simultaneously giving me insight into the journey that is life. Each ride offers a new perspective and serves as a reminder to not take myself too seriously, to enjoy both the ups and downs, that more growth happens out of your comfort zone and that forward momentum is your friend. I'm forever grateful and stoked to explore the outdoors on two wheels, and even more stoked when I can share the smiles with friends!


David Glover

Moab, UT + Wilson, WY

I love any adventure on two wheels, from riding roads to laps at the bike park. I am a mechanic at Moab Cyclery and Wilson Backcountry Sports. I love getting people out on trails with happy bikes.




Bike + Camera + Friends + Mountains . . . my happiness formula is pretty simple. Colorado is “home”, but this world is far too beautiful to resist, so a great deal of time is spent traveling in circles, reaping inspiration from the land.

For me, my bike is a vehicle of self expression in more ways than one. As a photographer, the path to creative possibilities often begins at the trailhead, and demands the navigation that only these two wheels can provide. When the work is done, and the camera bag comes off, that same bike allows unbridled self expression in a medium that's all my own.


Nat holden

Logan, UT

Mountain biking has made my life so much richer. It has given me confidence, introduced me to my crew, and improved my identity. It has given my life moments of perfection, bliss, flow, freedom, flying, and pure joy. It has taken me on some of the best trips with amazing people, and I never know where it will take me next. Mountain biking has made my life so much richer.


Michael Flynn

Park City, UT

Whether it be big trail rides, shuttle laps, dirt jumps, or racing, bikes are just a good time. Couldn’t feel more fortunate to have found myself living a life largely shaped by riding bikes and all the friendships and memories that have come with.


Dan Stranahan

Port Townsend, WA

A bicycle has been the viewpoint from which I explore the world, ever since I was a toddler flying over the handlebars. I later became passionate about growing the bicycle community, whether in the trails or commuting, and this led me to serve as the Programs Director for The ReCyclery in Port Townsend, WA. However the urge to keep moving took over, and today I spend more time traveling and working seasonally from Alaska to Baja, documenting the journey. Though the dense forest and quiet towns of the Olympic Mountains haven’t lost their grip. In between I’m home working on my own bikes, facilitating local rides and helping develop new routes in the greater area like Orogenesis.


Peter Rehage

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Every day for me is an exercise in confidence and velocity. Speed, flow, balance, and the breaking point of traction. Absolutely stoked to saddle up and rally into the sunset these days.


Takashi Minamiura

Hakuba, Japan

Riding a bicycle in nature is the delight of the body and soul. Freedom of mind. Encounters of People and terrain. Infinite possibility. Mountain biking is a gift of happiness. I can move with human power, and can feel the place slowly with five senses. Being in nature makes your mind and body healthy.



Bellingham, WA

Bikes are not only the ultimate escape, but also re-entry. They can simply provide us with a respite from monotony and routine, but those of us who have found a deep love for mountain bikes know that they mean something more than that. The freedom and creativity inherent in the singletrack ribbon changes us for the better on or off the bike. As a guide and trail builder, I love sharing with others all that this simple yet profound activity has given me in my life.



Idyllwild, CA

Bikes are a way I connect with the world— from creating bikepacking routes for others to enjoy, to sharing moments of flow with friends, sharing the ride is an important part of my life. I know that Esker understands & embraces this long view of mountain biking and I’m proud to be a part of the Esker Family.


Patrick Corran

Lacrosse, WI

Bikes are awesome. They enrich lives and transform communities. I've been fortunate to have ridden mountain bikes for over 25 years and am just as stoked about them today as when I first saddled up as a young buck. Bikes have had a huge impact on my life and life wouldn't be complete without them. Being a dad to young kids finding their way in this great sport, I am reminded everyday how truly amazing and powerful bikes can be. I can't wait to share this lifestyle with them!